The Gift of Love Broadcast

Lessons From My Father: The Context Principle

May 22, 2020

Context is very important to understand the full meaning of, and/or have the appropriate perspective of most events.  Having context is to have clarity and truth.  For so many of us, like we miss the context of a statement or a sentiment expressed, we also miss the context of life.  As a result, our understanding and clarity in life are greatly diminished.  In Lessons From My Father: The Context Principle, Lyndon shares how he arrived at a greater clarity of life and purpose through grief, loss, and tragedy.  God wants us to have an aerial view of life.  God wants us to see the big picture of life, and the spirit is the lens through which we can.  We can learn something valuable in each of our life events, and Spirit can increase our understanding, wisdom, and clarity in our darkest hours if we seek it.  If you enjoy this podcast, please rate us on #itunes, #podbean, or #spotify and leave a comment.  Email us at if you would like to contact our show.

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