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Lessons From My Father: The Cure Principle

May 24, 2020

"The Cure Principle" from the series "Lesson From My Father" is an inspirational message about overcoming our own hurt, pain, grief, or unhappiness by focusing on curing someone else's pain and unhappiness.  When we turn our attention away from what we need and use that same energy to meet the needs of someone else, we not only provide a cure for them but for ourselves as well.  I believe that we were designed to be communal, and being communal means being the cure for each other.  In a world that often advocates for individualism as a life worldview, this Lesson and the teaching of many of our great Spiritual teachers show us that becoming 'Others' centered is when we tap into our true potential.  To focus on a cure for someone else is to find a cure for ourselves.  'Give and it shall be given unto You."  "Cure someone else and you shall be cured."  "Your Healing is found in the Healing of Others."

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